Give Your Kids a Clear Message About Drinking & Driving This Thanksgiving


Is your child aware of the dangers of underage drinking? Chances are that your teen doesn’t know that he or she could be one of thousands of Texans locked away this Thanksgiving for drunk driving. To ensure that your teen is educated about underage drinking, start by explaining why drinking alcohol at an early age is detrimental.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, better known as MADD, Texas leads the nation in drunk driving deaths with 1,213 people fatalities in 2011[1]. This includes underage people who were under the influence while behind the wheel.

“The age limit for alcohol is based on research which shows that young people react differently to alcohol,” states a report from MADD, “Teens get drunk twice as fast as adults, but have more trouble knowing when to stop. Enforcing the legal drinking age of 21 reduces traffic crashes, protects young people’s maturing brains, and keeps young people safer overall.”

Although the legal drinking age is well-known, teens are still susceptible to peer pressure, especially during the Thanksgiving break.

“Data shows that the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day includes some of the most dangerous days for drunk driving deaths, and the numbers are getting worse in recent years,” states another MADD report, “In addition, there’s a troubling trend of drunk driving fatalities in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Thursday, following what’s becoming known as “Blackout Wednesday,” a time when people who are home for the holiday are choosing to celebrate with excessive amounts of alcohol.”

Provided are tips for getting your child to call you for help when they need it most:

  • Encourage your teen to call you and/or other family members anytime if he or she has participated in underage drinking this Thanksgiving.
  • You don’t have to reward your child’s bad behavior. Simply let them know that you’re only a quick phone call away if he of she feels pressured to let a drunk friend get behind the wheel in order to get home.
  • Let your child know that if their friends are drinking and they are not that they must call you right away to get out of the situation.
  • Explain to your teen that his or her safety is your primary concern (you can ground them later).

Driving while intoxicated this Thanksgiving can have serious repercussions, especially for teens participating in underage drinking. If your family member is in a bind this holiday, call Freedom Bail Bonds at 1(800)766-7002. In the event of an arrest during the Thanksgiving holiday, our discreet, professional agents will answer your questions, and help you or a loved one get the help they need.