Student Stabbed at Georgetown’s East View High School

Student Stabbed at Georgetown's East View High School

On the morning of Friday, September 4, 2015 an East View High School student from Georgetown, TX was stabbed by a fellow classmate and hospitalized. Injuries sustained by the victim were deemed non-life threatening. Although names of the suspect and victim have not been released because they are minors, both individuals are 9th grade students.

A campus lockout ensued after the stabbing. The lockout is a precautionary measure taken to ensure that no other violent events occur on or near the campus. Students remain in the school building while authorized personnel secures the campus perimeter.

The Austin-American Statesman reported that District Superintendent Fred Brent attempted to alleviate the fears of concerned parents and community members by stating, “The behavior of this one student does not reflect the culture and climate of the 1,500 students who attend EVHS.”[2]

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